2017 International Wizard of Oz Club Calendar

2017-iwoc-calendar-1The 2017 International Wizard of Oz Club calendar, featuring historical highlights from the International Wizard of Oz Club’s first 60 years, has been mailed. The full-color calendar is sent to members who support the Club by joining at or above the Sustaining membership level.

Members who joined at the $25-$50 levels can get a full-color calendar by upgrading 2016 memberships to the Sustaining level ($100 to $249). For example, if you paid for a regular membership at $25, then you will need to upgrade by paying an additional $75. When making your payment, be sure to note that it is for a 2016 membership upgrade. The deadline to upgrade your 2016 membership is November 1, 2016.

Anyone may purchase the black-and-white version of the 2017 calendar for $10.

If you would like either the full-color or black-and-white 2017 calendar, make your check for the appropriate amount payable to International Wizard of Oz Club and mail to:

2017 Oz Club Calendar
Jane Albright
3521 Holmes St.
Kansas City, MO 64109

Again, please include a note with your check so she can document your membership upgrade.