Carrie L. Hedges

Carrie L. Hedges

PresCarrie Carrie L. Hedges entered the Land of Oz when she saw the 1939 MGM movie on the big screen. She paged through Oz books her brothers checked out from the library, relishing the Neill illustrations and wishing she knew how to read. Once she was old enough to have her own library card, she checked out The Wizard of Oz so frequently that the librarians eventually gave her a copy; it remains one of her prized possessions.

In 1964 an envelope arrived, filled with Baum Bugles and other related Oz materials. A letter from the late Fred M. Meyer explained that her local librarians had enrolled her in the International Wizard of Oz Club. She’s been a member ever since.

At her first Ozmopolitan Convention in Holland, Michigan, in 1971, she met the dashing Peter Hanff, distinguished brothers Greene, affable Fred Meyer, gentle Irene Fisher, comical Bill Eubank, and many others. The collecting bug also bit. She attended almost every Ozmopolitan Convention thereafter, and has become a fairly regular Winkie attendee since 1985.

A past member of the IWOC Board of Directors, Carrie co-chaired “2001: A Space Ozdyssey,” exploring the influence of Oz on science fiction. From her presentation at that convention, she developed “The Master Key: Its Electrical Origins” for the Winter 2001 Baum Bugle.

Professionally, Carrie worked as an assistant editor of the American Bar Association Journal. She graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1983, and was a law clerk in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena, California. Returning to Chicago, she worked as a guardian ad litem, representing abused and neglected children. Carrie recently retired from a 20-year stint as a staff attorney with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Carrie serves on the board of the Chicago Children’s Choir, an organization that reaches almost 3,000 children through its world-renowned Concert Choir, neighborhood choirs, and in-school programs. She hopes to embark on a second career as a cabaret singer. After all, when you live in the Land of Oz, nothing is impossible.