Jane Albright

Jane Albright

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJane Albright discovered the Oz books as a child. Her Oz books and memorabilia won a Kansas University book-collecting contest in 1977, resulting in a public exhibit that shifted her interest from reading and collecting to sharing Oz with others. She’s since provided exhibit material to libraries, museums, art museums, and Oz Club conventions. In 1989 her collection was featured in an award-winning, summer-long display at Kansas City’s Crown Center. For the 75th anniversary of the film, a follow-up there drew more than 100,000 people. In 2014 she also returned to that same KU library for an exhibit of her finer Oz, Baum, and Denslow material.

Jane joined the Oz Club in 1971 and began attending the Ozmopolitan Convention shortly thereafter. She has served as a director, vice president, and convention chairman; for a decade she edited a Club children’s publication, The Oz Gazette, and was our desktop publisher for The Oz Observer. Her short stories have been published in Oziana; she also has contributed to The Baum Bugle. Jane responds to questions sent to one of our Club email accounts and monitored our online community for many years. She remains an enthusiastic participant in online Oz communities.

Today Oz items fill an entire floor of her home. She coordinates the Club’s National Convention program and attends Oz events around the country. During the Oz Club’s centennial celebration of Oz in 2000, which she chaired, Jane was presented with the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award.

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  3. Which manufacturer’s doll is he? The Tin Man is always a favorite with Oz collectors. There are little girls, lions and even scarecrows in other stories. But only Oz has a Tin Woodman!

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