Barbara S. Koelle

Barbara S. Koelle

Barbara S. Koelle has been an active member of the Oz Club since the 1960s. She attended conventions at the original Midwestern site, the Wizard of Oz Lodge, at Bass Lake in Knox, Indiana, and she has remained an active participant in the Ozmopolitan Conventions ever since.

Barbara was also a leader of the Munchkin Conventions, beginning with the first one in 1967. She has served as coordinator, program chair, speaker, hostess, and probably every other role, helping sustain that gathering’s lively programs. She has also participated in several Winkie Conventions.

An active collector of Baum and Oz, Barbara has made her rich collection available for research, and has used it as the foundation of numerous articles and oral presentations over the years. Her two daughters, Kate and the late Susan Koelle, shared their mother’s passion for Oz and also attended Oz Club conventions in all parts of the U.S.

Barbara was elected president of the International Wizard of Oz Club in 1986, and subsequently has served as Club parliamentarian, Club secretary, and chair of the Club’s Nominating Committee, where her long activity and wide participation have helped identify well-qualified members to serve on the Club’s Board of Directors.


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