Eric Shanower

Eric Shanower

Eric Shanower is one of the newest Royal Illustrators of Oz. He enjoyed the Oz books as a child, became a member of the International Wizard of Oz Club at a young age, and began attending Oz Club conventions in the 1980s.

As an artist, he first became prominent for a series of Oz graphic novels. Those five books were republished in a single hardcover volume, Adventures in Oz. Collectors rapidly purchased the first edition, and praise from professional critics brought Eric’s fine work to the attention of new fans.

In 1993, Eric illustrated Rachel Cosgrove Payes’s The Wicked Witch of Oz for the International Wizard of Oz Club. In 1995 he edited and illustrated John R. Neill’s fourth Oz book, The Runaway in Oz, for Books of Wonder in New York.

But it was, perhaps, the formation of Hungry Tiger Press with David Maxine that was Eric’s greatest contribution to the Oz saga. The press’s dissemination of rare Baum stories such as the Boy Fortune Hunters books, sheet music, recordings of rare Baum and Oz music, and six annual numbered editions of Oz-story Magazine have made Hungry Tiger Press a company of significance to the Oz community.


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