Irene Fisher

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Irene Fisher

Irene Fisher, a daughter of Chicago, was an active Midwestern member of the Oz Club beginning in the 1960s. A prominent artist, comfortable in numerous media, Irene frequently turned her talent toward Ozian themes. A favorite among many who attended Ozmopolitan Conventions have been her carefully gathered, water-smoothed stones, on which she painted miniature character studies and landscapes. Each revealed her great talent while capturing a charming flavor of Ozian magic.

Also an accomplished writer, Irene contributed excellent articles to The Baum Bugle, many providing perceptive analysis of the art of individuals who illustrated Oz books. She served several terms as a director of the Oz Club, providing quiet and persuasive analysis of challenges that have faced the Club from time to time.

Irene was an active collector of rare Baum, Oz, and related publications. But her interests in books, illustration, and children’s literature were far broader. Her own collections revealed a rare taste for the worthwhile and artistic in children’s books. For many years she generously shared her finds with other budding and more advanced collectors, further endearing her to her circle of book-loving friends.

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