Jean Brockway

Jean Brockway

Jean Brockway has been a regular at the Ozmopolitan Convention for many years. Her gregariousness and generosity have made her a favorite of all who have come to know her.

She has always been a ready and willing volunteer in many areas of Club activity. Jean has served on the Oz Club’s Board of Directors and as Oz Club treasurer, a position she accepted following the retirement of John Van Camp. For many years Jean assisted the Special Publications Program by warehousing and distributing many of its publications from her home.

Jean’s knowledge of Oz books and Oz illustrators has led to intelligent and critical reports for The Baum Bugle. She has provided numerous book reviews, several of them comparing multiple editions of a single Oz title illustrated by several different artists. Her skillful writing has helped readers visualize the books Jean has described, and has made clear the different approaches used by the various artists in depicting Oz and its characters.


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