John Van Camp

John Van Camp

Known to many of his Oz Club friends simply as “Jack,” John Van Camp has been a major collector of Baum and Oz for many years, and has formed one of the strongest collections ever assembled. He has been exceedingly generous in making material in his collection available for study, exhibition and research.

Jack has served the Club as its treasurer, bringing his professional knowledge as an advanced CPA to bear as the Club expanded and evolved. He has been a dynamic leader on the Board of Directors, and, although now retired from direct office, is still usually on hand at Board meetings to observe and advise.

During his years in Northbrook, Illinois, Jack was in a position to work closely with Irene Fisher, Russell P. MacFall, Dick Martin, Jim Haff, and Fred Meyer in guiding the Club toward a more business-like and professional structure. When his career relocated him to New York City and Westport, Connecticut, he created strong new bonds with active Club members who were leaders of the Club’s Munchkin Convention. Jack has remained a generous-spirited booster of the Oz Club in virtually every area of our activities.

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