Marc Lewis

Marc Lewis

Marc Lewis became active in the Oz Club in the late 1970s. Based in New York, he was a natural to join the Munchkin Convention, and eventually he became its general director for a number of years. His background in theater and opera and his vocation as an antiquarian bookseller in New York benefited the Oz Club and its conventions in numerous ways.

Marc produced outstanding reconstructions of two original Baum musical extravaganzas, The Woggle-Bug and The Tik-Tok Man of Oz, directing and performing in them at all three of the Club’s major conventions.

He also served as auctioneer at all three of the conventions for several years. In his role as auctioneer he used his dramatic flair, great voice, and extensive bibliographical and historical knowledge of Baum and Oz to educate and entertain those fortunate enough to attend. Even if you were not actively bidding, an auction with Marc at the gavel was a worthwhile experience. He also strengthened the Club’s auctions so that they could become a major fundraising benefit for the Club.

Marc has written for The Baum Bugle, and has expanded our knowledge of significant aspects of book-collecting and bibliographic history related to the Oz series.