Ozma Baum Mantele and Dr. Robert A. Baum

Ozma Baum Mantele

Frances Ozma Baum Mantele was the first granddaughter of L. Frank and Maud Gage Baum. Her mother wanted to name her Frances, but her Grandfather Baum insisted she be called Ozma. She spent much of her childhood at Ozcot, the Hollywood home of her grandparents.

Although Ozma was diagnosed with a weak heart, she refused to accept it and jumped into life with passion and determination. She actively pursued nursing in Los Angeles and volunteered her services while raising her family. She introduced people to her grandfather through lectures and articles.

Dr. Robert A. Baum

Robert A. Baum was a grandson of L. Frank Baum, and a successful businessman as well as a creative inventor. His desire to help solve industrial waste problems and his inventiveness earned him five patents and numerous awards. His talents and skills covered many industrial areas. Until Robert’s death in 1998 he headed the Baum Trust.


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