Rob Roy MacVeigh

Rob Roy MacVeigh

Rob Roy MacVeigh was one of the Oz Club’s most creative artists and one of its most active and beloved members. Rob’s work for the Club included articles and art for The Baum Bugle; convention decorations; and logos for posters, programs, and T-shirts. Rob produced and illustrated most of the individual verse renderings of the Oz books created by Fred Otto for The Oziad.

In 1981 Rob founded Rob Roy Productions in Seattle. Over the next decade, the firm expanded into a broad-based graphic house, producing a series of 30-second public service announcements for the Seattle Public Library featuring the Oz characters. Rob’s lifelong—and, unfortunately, unfulfilled—dream was to create animated movies faithful to the authors and illustrators of Oz. He made considerable progress in developing the full storyboard sequence for his version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and a musical score was written and recorded for the overture and the individual character themes.

Rob’s life companion, Peter Cervenak, created for the Oz Club the Rob Roy MacVeigh Memorial Endowment to support a gallery area in the Club’s San Francisco research archive.


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  1. I will miss Rob a lot. I met him at the U of W in Seattle. He made a water color Tigger for me. He had a big heart and an gentle manner.

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