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Oz Club email….  Word of new Oz productions, Oz research and Oz products regularly arrive. But tucked in with those predictable notes are others. Notes from descendants of contributors to Oz history, questions about early members, and requests to help identify Oz ephemera come to mind. One recent email made me a new friend (Hi, Cindy!) while another shared resources that could benefit Club members.
If you are a collector you have likely been concerned with cleaning, storage and authenticating pieces in your collection.  We haven’t tried to provide generic information like that here on the Club’s site, preferring to save our links for Oz-specific topics. But a librarian searching our site offered up links exploring these topics and more that Oz collectors might find helpful.
Why have a blog if you can’t share useful information? Enjoy!

At-Home Hobby Storage & Organization
Tips for Cleaning Your Collection
Moving with Your Hobby
Market Price Calculator
Authenticity: Know Your Legal Rights
Spot a Fake Autograph
Protect Your Hobby

 P.S.  This photo is Bill Beem with some of his Oz collection back in 2000 when he filled display cases at the Oz Club’s Centennial Convention.


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  1. David Gloede /

    I have two posters of dorothy, tin man, scarecrow and totoro. Would like to know more about them if they are worth anything.

  2. Michael Thomas /

    Hey I am start collecting the Wizard of Oz

    • blair /

      What in particular?

  3. Tim Cullen /

    Hey, would you be interested in a good condition 1907 Ozma Of Oz?

    Title and author( L. Frank Baum) genre: Fantasy. Illustration by:John R. Neill
    Type of illustration: offset Lithograph. Published Reilly & Britton company. Published in Chicago

  4. Jane Albright /

    I’m always in collecting mode, Tim, although I have one now that’s not bad. Can you write me directly at Ozisus@aol.com? If not me, perhaps I can find another collector. Jane

  5. keith henderson /

    hi all
    i’ve recently found a picture of the witch reaching for ruby slippers it is signed Swenick and chizz 1974 any one know anything about it?

  6. Jane Albright /

    I’ve looked through my own similar images, Keith, and don’t see those names. I assume you mean that’s printed, as a company name. Any chance you meant it’s hand-wrtten? IN that case it might have been signed by people portraying the characters in a local production.

  7. Vickie Evans /

    I have a Wizard of Oz Dorothy still in the original box, unopened. How do find out how much it is worth and where can I sell it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Vickie Evans
    1006 N Rd. 54
    Pasco, Wash. 99301
    509 851 5384

  8. Jane Albright /

    Vickie, Which Dorothy doll is it? There are so many made by different designers and manufacturers that it would be helpful to narrow it down a bit.

  9. Trinda Segard /

    I am looking for a price for the 1980 Wizard of Oz vinyl that also says on cover “on radio” and signed by Michael Rophove.
    Thank you, Trinda

    • blair /

      Your best bet is post a photo of the LP on the Wizard of Oz Collectors Facebook page and see who responds.

  10. S. Sinclair /

    Hello! I’ve been a fan of OZ since watching it in the fifties when a little girl. I slowly started collecting over the years . I’m trying to find the dolls of the tin man, scare crow and lion – that were in a claw machine in the 80’s . I don’t believe they are the Barbie make of the dolls- and I can’t find them anywhere . Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

    • blair /

      My suggestion is to look on eBay under “Oz dolls” and see what you an find.

  11. dara /

    i’m looking to sell 8 PRISTINE Franklin Mint 1989 ed Wizard of Oz Dolls; Dorothy, The Lion, The Tin Man, Scarecrow, Glinda, Wicked Witch, Auntie Em, and The Wizard. Franklin Mint did a 50th anniversary limited edition of the dolls. They are like new and i would love them to go to someone who will appreciate them. would you or do you know of someone who may be interested?

    • blair /

      Your best bet is post photos of the dolls on the Wizard of Oz Collectors Facebook page and see who responds.

  12. Sherry Cayce /

    How can you find out if something is worth money? A plate signed by one of the original munchkins.

    • blair /

      Your best bet is to look on Ebay for similar items that have sold in the past.

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