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2017 International Wizard of Oz Club support acknowledgement letters are mailing now.

This week I have been sending letters to all the Oz Club’s supporters expressing our thanks for their 2017 contributions. As a not-for-profit educational organization, we are responsible for acknowledging donations, and for getting them mailed this month. Those who itemize deductions on their income taxes can use these letters as receipts.

So your generosity is top of mind to me right now. The support of our Contributing, Sustaining, Patron, and Wizard’s Circle members—collectively nearly one-third of our membership—helps us keep general membership at $30 and children’s memberships at $15. Donations to special funds we have provide things like funding for our annual contests, and support expenses associated with maintaining the Oz Club Collection. We thank a member who donates the entire cost of printing the calendar every year, members who—at their own expense—attend public events to promote Club membership, and members who support Club conventions in countless ways. It’s a humbling to witness your generosity toward our Club.
foldingOzma’s Honor Roll, to be printed in the Winter 2017 Baum Bugle, shares the names of those who contribute through our membership programs. Conventions generally find a way to include heartfelt thanks from a program or podium. As I said to international members I wrote since they might be tax-paying American’s living abroad, our letter of thanks might not be necessary, but it’s simply not possible to thank our supporters too much.

Of course, it’s not a flawless system; if you plan to claim a contribution you made to the Club on your 2017 taxes, and a letter acknowledging your support doesn’t arrive shortly, please drop me a note at Admin@OzClub.org. I’ll be happy to take care of it right away.


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