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Exh2GlassWizard of Oz stained glass by Century Studios (IWOC members Bill Campbell and Irwin Terry) is featured in the second Club display at the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas. Character panels, a rare wall mirror, bookends, and two character ornaments are included.

Most is from my collection, but Robin Olderman’s daughters loaned the Ozma mirror, and Dave Kelleher loaned one of the ornaments, a Denslow Dorothy, and an MGM Glinda both from the late Chris Sterling’s collection. Your generosity is appreciated.

Readers of The Baum Bugle were treated to an article (Winter 2015) about the work Bill and Irwin have been creating for more than 30 years. Bill’s blog sometimes looks at their Oz glass, too.

Scroll through the “Oz Projects” category under Labels to see their larger Oz projects. One of my favorites is a step-by-step examination of the stained glass window of Polychrome being pulled up into the rainbow from The Road to Oz. They created it for a private client. It took three different blog entries to tell the story, ending with this one:

Polychrome Window Blog, part 3

The Windows to Oz display will be up for six months. It’s hard to imagine a more eye-catching, colorful and creative display of outstanding craftsmanship inspired by Oz.

My thanks, again, to the Oz Museum for helping our Oz Club reach fans through this ongoing program.




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  1. Jane Jacobs /

    These Wizard of Oz stained glass pieces are
    just beautiful!
    I have never seen such as these before.
    I have been a Oz lover and collector for
    the past 25 years. Any chance these
    pieces might be for sale? I live in the
    Dallas/ Fort Worth Texas area and have a very
    hard time traveling to anywhere there are
    conventions or Oz festivals up North.
    These Oz stained glass pieces would make a wonderful addition to my collection.
    Thanks, Jane Jacobs
    Oz fan and collector for life!

    • Jane Albright /

      My own aren’t for sale, but depending on their schedule I suspect Century Studios can make more. Contact them through their website http://www.centurystudios.com/ and ask! Good luck.

  2. Dennis Anfuso /

    These stained glass pieces would be the gem in any collection.
    The Ozites that are not from the MGM musical are especially magical to seer.

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