Consignments are accepted only on the following terms: The consignor accepts a return of no greater than 50% of the auction sale price of any item. There are no guarantees concerning bidder enthusiasm for any item; however, on a limited basis, a consignor may specify a minimum selling price. That means should that minimum price be met, the consignor will receive the requested percentage of that price up to 50%. The Oz Club’s share of each consignment sale is considered your donation.

Need to see the math? If you’ve asked for 50% of the selling price and establish a $150 minimum price, you get $75 and a receipt allowing you to take a tax credit for a $75 donation to the Club. Of course, if bids pour in and your item sells for much more, say $400, you get $200 plus a $200 donation credit. If the minimum $150 bid is not received, you’ll be able to either get the item back, or, if you and our auctioneer agree, it could be held by the Club to offer again in a later auction.

Shipment can be arranged at any time. At your request, the Oz Club will refund the cost of shipment for consigned items. However, a round of correspondence ahead of time is always appropriate, and a list of the items with whatever details are known would be extremely helpful. It’s difficult to estimate what Club members will bid on any item; therefore, advance valuations are generally not possible.

All consignments must be shipped pre-paid to the auctioneer or hand-delivered at least one day before the auction. If hand-delivered at an Oz Club convention, as much advance notification as possible would be appreciated as to the exact nature of each consigned item. All auction items need to be cataloged before the auction so that bids can be properly recorded and invoices can be generated for each high bidder.

A record of the origin of consigned items is kept by the auctioneer so that letters of appreciation, specifying the amount of the donation, can be sent each year that items are sold.

Consignments to the Oz Club Auction can be arranged by contacting the auctioneer:

Bill Thompson
32 Upton Park
Rochester, NY 14607

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Voice: (585) 461-4694

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