2019 Oz Club Writing & Art Contest Winners


The annual writing and art contests support the educational mission of the International Wizard of Oz Club to advance the legacy of L. Frank Baum and others who brought the world of Oz to life with their vision and creativity. We encourage writers and artists of all ages to express their own vision of Oz through fiction, research, drama, poetry, and a variety of artistic media.

The contest’s cash awards are made possible by generous grants from members of the Oz Club in honor of some of our most creative members.


Fiction (Fred Otto Prize)
$100 First Place: “A Week with Mr. Baum” by Laura DeNooyer, Waukesha, WI
$50 Second Place: “Zinnia’s Wish” by Suren Oganessian, St. Petersburg, FL

 Non-Fiction (C. Warren Hollister Prize)
$100 First Place: “Serendipity” by Susan Hall, Tulsa, OK 74115
$50 Second Place: “Subtly sinister ways the 80’s cult classic ‘Return to Oz’ is really a psychological horror movie” by Michael Casey, Bangkok, Thailand

Art (Rob Roy McVeigh Prize)
$100 First Place: “Tin Woodman” by Chris Diket, Thibodaux, LA
$50 Second Place: “The Nome King” by David Valentin, Ridgewood, NY 11385