Meet the Editor-in-Chief


Craig Noble has been collecting Oz and Baum books ever since he received a Wizard of Oz white edition for his fourth birthday in 1971. Oz is a family tradition, and after devouring the Baum 14, Craig learned from his uncle that joining the International Wizard of Oz Club would be a great way to meet other Oz fans and collect the rest of the Famous Forty. The year was 1975, and that’s when the hunt began in earnest.

Bibliographia and collecting first-printing Oz and Baum books are Craig’s primary Oz interests. “I have many scarce books that I cherish,” says Craig. “I’m particularly proud to own a second-state Wonderful Wizard of Oz and one of only 17 copies known to have survived of Maud Baum’s travelogue, In Other Lands Than Ours, the privately printed collection of letters she sent home while she and Frank traveled overseas in 1906. Even so, I would trade the rest of my collection to keep my original white editions because of their sentimental value.” Craig says he’s also fascinated by the many different artistic interpretations of Oz and Oz characters by the original and contemporary illustrators.

Craig directly credits his early love of Oz for his continued passion about reading and writing and his professional career in journalism and communications.