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BB 61-1 CoverThe Spring 2017 issue of the Baum Bugle includes the latest Oz news; reviews the recent NBC-TV series Emerald City (courtesy Sarah Crotzer); presents the first published interview with Gabriel Gale, conceptualizer and coauthor of A Fiery Friendship, the initial title in the new “Ages of Oz” trilogy (from an imprint of Simon & Schuster); and offers part 2 of John Fricke’s “Magical, Musical Muny,” a detailed look at the Wizard of Oz production commissioned and launched by the St. Louis Municipal Opera in 1942. This was the premier stage amalgamation of Baum story and MGM songs, and it has since been produced all around the world. The ongoing series “Adventures in Oz” highlights the personal or professional impact of Oz on five fans (ranging in age from teen to senior citizen), while the return of “The MGM Scrapbook” provides rare, behind-the-scenes paperwork, newsprint, and illustrations attendant to the 1939 film. The magazine concludes with book reviews; an account of the current Oz exhibition at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City; and a memorial to cherished Club officer, contributor, and participant Robin Olderman.

This issue was mailed to members in May 2017.

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