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The International Wizard of Oz Club, founded in 1957 by a 13-year-old boy, attracts all kinds of Oz fans. Individually we started with W. W. Denslow, Oz ornaments, Return to Oz, or Oz comics. We might be focused on original writing or original Munchkins, or Oz with mermaids and Muppets and Wicked (oh, my!). But together we find that there’s room for all in that two-letter name. So we orbit the single common component of Oz as the International Wizard of Oz Club.

Our early years focused primarily on the series of Oz books written by L. Frank Baum and his successors. But the extraordinary appeal of the 1939 MGM film based on The Wizard of Oz has added countless members to our group through the years–shaping and influencing our collective interests along the way. Most Oz fans quickly become Oz collectors. Books, dolls, autographs, housewares…so much Oz to find and enjoy! The Club is a perfect place to spread word of vintage finds and forthcoming treasures.

We are organized as a 501(c)(3) educational organization with a formal structure, board, and by-laws. We have an office, an inventory of publications for sale, and a growing archive of artwork and research material.

But at heart we remain a diverse lot of Oz fans sharing our enthusiasm for America’s favorite fairyland through our journal, The Baum Bugle; annual meetings; and publications.

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  1. I have a numbered #29 of 100 world movie club picture with actual movie clips in it…I thought it should go to a real fan rather then just a collector… if u could please get back to me.

  2. I would suggest you sell it on Facebook Marketplace if you are a Facebook member. There are large communities of Oz fans, including our Club, that use Facebook to buy, sell, and help one another find pieces individual fans are want. Jane Albright

  3. I am your typical Wizard of Oz buff. My high school’s musical was The Wizard of Oz when I was in 10th grade. Naturally, I tried out for Dorothy. When the day came to find out if we made who we tried out for it was posted on the drama room door my name was not next to Dorothy but it was next to the Wicked Witch of the West. At that point I knew my singing career was over!!!! Anyway, I am looking for collectibles from the Wizard of Oz and also wondering if there are any museums in Kansas?

    Thank You,

    Theresa Bennett
    email: imagrma2014lelund@gmail.com

  4. I just started writing my own Oz book after having eleven other books published, so it’s nice to know there are so many fellow Oz fans still out there.

  5. Hi. Can you tell me if I am still a member? Also I would like to contact Julius Johnson who collects wiz of oz comics. I have one he may be interested in. Please reply. Thank you

  6. I know this is something a bit different, and if it’s not acceptable to post it here I understand. Just thought that fans of Oz might be interested in this. It’s a graphic novel about Oz fighting against an invasion of the devastating mythical creature, Cthulhu. It’s a beautiful book, and unique for any Oz collector. Check it out, and if you like what you see, please reserve your copy of the book. Thanks!

  7. I can’t find “Condiotte” on any membership list since 2011. Would you be a member under a different name? Jane

  8. I was a member for several years as a child. I fell in love with Yosemite during the annual Winkie Conventions. Is it possible I’m still a member? Do you still have those wonderful conventions?

  9. Why don’t you guys have a message board??? Or a place for fan art and fan fiction? This site is pretty weak sauce. Disappointing!

  10. I made a short film a few years back while I was in NY, called Finding Oz, A Journey Home. It is a modern day Wizard of Oz. It has been selected and screen in film festivals around North America and won an award for best music in at the Utah Film Festival.
    If is a lovely little film on it’s own, but it is especially enjoyed by anyone who is a Wizard of Oz fan as there are many many references to the film.
    It is also done with no dialogue, but just a soundtrack.
    Derek Scott (www.derekscott.ca)

  11. Hi,
    I listed on ebay some Romanian books of Frank Baum.
    Write me if you like some of them or if you want other titles.
    Best regards and stay safe,
    Ioan Baicu
    Item # Item Title
    194042736732 2014 L.Frank Baum: Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736761 L. Frank Baum, 2008: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736797 L. Frank Baum, 2001: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736799 L. Frank Baum, 1998: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736820 L. Frank Baum, 2018: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736864 2012, L.Frank Baum: Ozma of Oz/Ozma din Oz
    194042736868 L. Frank Baum, 2017: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736869 L. Frank Baum, 2016: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736871 L. Frank Baum, 2018: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz [3]
    194042736899 L. Frank Baum, 1995: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736890 2018 L.Frank Baum: Princess Ozma of Oz/Printesa Ozma din Oz
    194042736900 L. Frank Baum, 1993: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736930 1966 L.Frank Baum: Wizard of Oz.
    194042736933 2015 L.Frank Baum: Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736948 L. Frank Baum, 2018: Wonderful The Wizard of Oz/Minunatul Vrajitor din Oz [2]
    194042736950 L. Frank Baum, 2007: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736952 2003 L.Frank Baum: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
    194042736966 1991 L.Frank Baum: Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042736982 1989 L.Frank Baum: Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz
    194042737028 L. Frank Baum, 1965: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz [3]
    194042737044 L. Frank Baum, 1982: The Wizard of Oz/Vrajitorul din Oz

  12. Greetings –
    Every once in a while, the idea pops up that the Wizard was based to some degree on the magician Harry Kellar ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Kellar ). To the contrary, some observe that the Denslow illustrations don’t really evoke the image of Kellar, beyond portraying a bald man. Wondering if anyone has info about either a) some Baum / Kellar relation or b) an alternative source for Baum’s inspiration for the Wizard.

  13. I’m excited to announce that my third Oz book, “The Spellcasters of Oz” has just returned from the printer. This book continues from my first books, “The Witch Queen of Oz” and “The Master Crafters of Oz”. My purpose, beyond the adventure, is to reveal more about Dorothy’s relationship with Oz and to focus on aspects of who Dorothy and Ozma are as heroic individuals. Meet Matilda and learn how she got her name!

  14. Please help me. I was a member for 60 years, but the Baum Bugle and other activities are way beyond my dying brain . . .
    I cannot join the Oz Trading Post because I do not trade books, however
    I have this one set of classic Baum books I would like to offer for sale –
    Can you either spread the word, or get me in touch with someone who can.
    I know Antiquarian dealers will offer peanuts for the set, then sell it to a high bidder because they know the market.
    Could you spread the word for me –
    it is the Mary Louise series by Edith Van Dyne,, classic Blue Bird bindings.
    I have a picture but don’t know how to attach it her ???

  15. Hi I was just wondering what are the upcoming Oz events that are going on. and if any are happening near the PNW. That’s all.

  16. In the Baum books, he wrote about the back stories of Ozma, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow – but not of Dorothy. In the Werb of Rhoades, the question of what happened to Dorothy’s parents is answered. Would you like a complimentary copy?

    Ty Davis

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