IWOC Holiday mailing arriving now

Get your holiday mailing?  After the year it was so wildly mishandled by a fulfillment center that some members wound up getting their’s in February, I have to ask.


You’ll find a letter from me, a holiday card with delightfully Ozzy artwork by Darrell Colt Spradlyn, a flier about OzCon International 2018 where the Club’s board will meet this year, and a ballot if you’d like to cast your vote for open seats on our board of directors. A renewal form for 2018 also is included; we hope you’ll stay with us for another year.

2018 membership materials also are mailing separately to those who have already joined or renewed for the next calendar year.  If you’ve already renewed, watch for that mailing. And if you haven’t, please consider renewing now. When members renew before the Spring Bugle mails, it’s much easier for us to know how many copies we should print.

With thanks to all our 2017 members for your support,