Fred M. Meyer

Fred M. Meyer

Fred Meyer’s attraction to Oz began on his seventh birthday when he received a copy of The Wizard of Oz. Fred wrote to Jack Snow in 1947, and over the next nine years they exchanged many letters. Jack forwarded Fred the names of others who were interested in Oz, including Justin G. Schiller, Ruth Berman, and Martin Gardner. After Jack Snow died, Fred wrote to most of these people. Schiller then took the initiative to start the International Wizard of Oz Club.

In 1961, Fred became the Club’s secretary. Despite the modest title, Fred actually carried out most of the rapidly expanding behind-the-scenes work of the Club from then until 1995. His boundless enthusiasm for Oz and his passion for the Club led to a voluminous correspondence with virtually every member of the organization. During his years as secretary, the Club expanded from perhaps a hundred members to more than 3,000 on at least two occasions. He founded or encouraged the founding of The Oz Trading Post, Oziana, and numerous other Club publications.

In 1996, Fred was named secretary emeritus, and was made a full, participating member of the Board of Directors.

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