Robin Olderman

Robin Olderman

Robin Olderman became an Oz Club member in 1969 and attended Ozmopolitan Conventions beginning in 1974. She also attended all three major Club conventions and several of the Gillikin Conventions, working behind the scenes at all of them. She revived the tradition of having a Quadling Convention.

Robin served on the Board of Directors for more than 20 years and edited Oziana for more than a decade. She was a frequent contributor to Oz Club auctions and could point to many of our current auction procedures that were developed at her instigation and with her help. Robin was the only person to have won all three of the Club’s awards: the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award, the Munchkin Award, and the Winkie Award.

She served on the Centennial Committee from its inception and was the originator of the wording for the Centennial logo: “Oz: The First 100 Years.” Robin was also the Centennial auction coordinator, working closely with Patrick Maund and other members of the Auction Committee.

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