Expanding Oz Exhibit Opens

All Baum’s books are grouped in this bookcase for a photo taken at my home.

The summer’s Expanding Oz exhibit in Overland Park, Kansas, (a Kansas City suburb) is open and wonderful. It’s always fun to loan material from my collection to a public exhibit. This one, where the Johnson County Museum has done such a beautiful job of creating an Oz environment, is particularly satisfying.  These photos, taken just ahead of the opening event, will give you an idea of what you can expect

One of the exterior walls of the exhibit presents Oz as it’s appeared on stage and screen.

To present international Oz, we selected interesting covers from translations to compliment a case of collectible material.

The Oz Club is beautifully represented with a bit about me and how important our Club has been to me through the years,

Murals cover walls. You wander between them among cases of Oz items. Bits of ephemera, book covers, and photos have been enlarged and incorporated with W.W. Denslow’s original artwork.  I took my large bookcase, re-styled it to include all Baum’s books, and they’ve presented it life-sized in one place. They created a fun corner with some vintage pieces made for a child’s bedroom.

And the Oz Club!  Their presentation of our organization is everything I could hope for.

I’ve agreed to support some public events in July, including hosting a fashion show of Dorothy costumes. We first did this at our Club convention in 2017. I’ve changed a couple costumes, added more, and look forward to introducing fourteen versions of Dorothy to the audience.





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