Happy Holidays from the Oz Club

Our holiday mailing arriving in members’ homes now.  Please see everything included and act on those that need your attention.

The holiday card was created by Mark Manley. You’ll find more of his artwork in both The Baum Bugle and The Oz Gazette. Nick Campbell, editor of The Oz Gazette, has written an original short story to accompany the card. Enjoy!

There’s a letter from me recapping some of the highlights of our 2018 membership year, as well as a membership renewal form and return envelope to our Michigan mailing address.  I hope you’ll join us for 2019!  (With zero permission from our Baum Bugle editor to leak anything, I’ll just vaguely suggest that Ruby Slipper fans won’t want to miss the Spring 2019 issue….)  We didn’t include a gift membership form, so if you’d like to give the gift of membership, either copy your form or use the website, Shop.OzClub.org, to join. Completely my mistake as I was the one who oversaw printing and distribution this year.

Your ballot for to vote for directors also is included with its own return envelope to the home of our Vice President, Ryan Bunch. Ryan chairs our nominating committee and is responsible for counting votes and reading any comments on those ballots that might come his way.

Last and certainly not least, the mailing includes fliers for Oz, The National Convention outside New Orleans in June, and for OzCon International, which will be held in Pomona, California, again this summer.

This holiday mailing and the Autumn Baum Bugle are arriving pretty closely together. We are working get the Bugle back on track; I anticipate Winter will mail in January ’19, with the 2019 membership issues mailing on schedule. We will likely include another renewal form in the Winter issue since many members don’t renew until they have it in hand, and we’ll follow that ahead of the spring issue with an email to 2018 members who have not yet joined for 2019.

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