Oz for Kids

Scissors! Glue! Make your own Oz….

One of the more interesting step-by-step Oz crafts I’ve seen online is this delightful Tin Man project. Inspired by the Tin Woodman from Legends of Oz Dorothy’s Return, he could be just what you need to keep little hands busy.

Now you can have a replica of that famous Kansas Farmhouse! This is a downloadable/printable .pdf file for a paper craft kit that you can print, cut out and build yourself. (use Card Cover or Cardstock) Price- $15.00
There’s not a website to give you a link, but you can email Robert Bruce @ ozbobdezigns@gmail.com to order.

If one house isn’t enough, here’s a Youtube link for an Emerald City project. Word to the wise; stock up on green glitter!

Then surround it with poppies! There are many, many ways to make paper poppies, but friends recently followed this guide and recommend it.

Lessons from Oz
For those of you leading school work at home, here’s an extensive Wizard of Oz study guide. Oz history, vocabulary, the mechanics of a hot air balloon….  Lots to learn in Oz! Check it out.

Everything Oz: The Wizard Book of Makes and Bakes has many projects suitable for children. To shop for it at an independent book store,  here’s a link to copies available through ABE.com.

Weary of crafts?
Other kids are learning yoga. Designed by Oz fans for children, why not follow the link and see how your kids like it?   Click the photo at right to see the video on Youtube.

The Spirit of Oz characters have been reading Oz stories. You can find the Little Wizard Stories on Youtube.  And the Wizard of Oz Collectors United group on Facebook recently shared this crossword puzzle.

Now I’m off to pull together a blog of Oz games — not old collectible ones, but new ones, readily available for family game nights. There are far more than I realized, like this one Emerald City Opoly.

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