Oz in a Time of Isolation

Today (March 20) the Oz Club rolls out a series of on-camera readings that take you through The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  The chapter-a-day project can be found on the Oz Club’s Youtube channel and on our public Facebook page. 

The idea was Dina Massachi’s, who is teaching from home during the coronavirus shutdown. When she posed it to me (at 6:20 am on Monday to be exact) I encouraged her to run with it. By Wednesday the first three recordings were in hand and it looked like Friday could really be our launch day.

Watch along! You’ll see familiar faces. Lots of Oz Club people read chapters, but some Oz fans who are a bit more celebrated are reading, too.   

During this time of crisis, all our schedules are upended as stress piles up on all sides. We at the Oz Club hope this project will give you one way to escape for a bit each day and find yourself in Oz. 

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