The Making of an “Extra”

The Baum Bugle is near and dear to my heart—but it has limitations. Color is a big one; there are so many things I wish we could share in color!  It would quadruple the budget to go to a full-color interior, and that’s just not an option for our club.  And long stuff—stories or checklists that would consume a quarter of the entire publication—just isn’t fair to serve up when our membership is so diverse that a majority would have no interest in that particular topic. Club webminister Blair Frodelius added them to the Baum Bugle Extras section of (If I understood WordPress better, they’d be .html pages, but I’m fumbling along as best I can. Please, bear with me—or better still, volunteer to help us bring the site to the next level!)

With our Winter 2018 issue, editor Sarah Crotzer was much more ambitious. She proposed the terrific idea that we deliver a gallery of Tin Man images created by various illustrators through the years. The Bugle
was celebrating The Tin Woodman of Oz turning 100, so 100 different Tin Men became the goal. I have a conveniently large collection with lots of unusual and international editions that I was happy to photograph. Those made up roughly half of the final selections, bolstered by contributions from other members, including a few books from Sarah’s own collection. She was driven to confirm an illustrator credit and date for any image we used, so that became its own challenge for reprinted books and selections from Russia, Japan, Korea, and China.  

100 Tin Men later, the gallery is live! You can find it at As a Baum Bugle Extra I’m delighted that we—the Oz Club, not just Sarah and I—have made this fascinating Tin Man revue available. Happy 100th, Nick Chopper!

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