To Oz? To Oz! A Free Online Oz Event

Join us August 14-16 join Oz Club members and other fans online for a weekend filled with virtual Oz events. Sign up at so you can share your Oz interests and interact with others. You can also choose to be part of daily live gatherings on Zoom.

When we cancelled Oz the National Convention 2020 it was just one more disappointing domino in the series of Oz events that had been cancelled. The few still planned seemed likely to follow suit — and within weeks that proved true. So I contacted Club members responsible for Oz events around the country and asked them to contribute digital content for a virtual event. And have they ever delivered! 

Oz crafts, collectibles, tours, and interviews are just the start!

Calling it “To Oz!”, we chose the weekend of Aug. 14-16 for topical presentations including tours, talks, panels, demonstrations, performances, crafts, readings, and interviews.  A fundraiser covered software expenses, and Club member Dewey Davis-Thompson generously offered to develop the site for us as a self-contained online community.

I hope you’ll sign up and join the fun.  It’s part convention, part festival, and — my favorite part — serves up a terrific cross-section of the Oz community.

Those providing content represent:

  1. All Things Oz/OzStravaganza! 
  2. Everything Oz
  3. International Wizard of Oz Club 
  4. Land of Oz theme park (NC)
  5. The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation   
  6. The Oz Experience
  7. The Oz Museum/Oztoberfest 
  8. The Oz Vlog 
  9. OzCon International
  10. Ryan Jay Reviews
  11. Spirit of Oz character cast 
  12. Wizard of Oz Collectors United
  13. 13. The Oz Winery

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, Just go to and there’s a “join” button right on the home page,

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