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May1959BugleAutumn73Buglebb-60-2-coverb The Baum Bugle is the official journal of the International Wizard of Oz Club and mails exclusively to our members. First published in June 1957 as four mimeographed pages, the journal is now issued three times each year (Spring, Autumn, and Winter) in a format of 40+ pages with a color cover. The Baum Bugle reports on many aspects of Oz, with popular and scholarly articles about L. Frank Baum and his writings, the life and works of other Oz authors and illustrators, bibliographies of early-edition Baum and Oz books, Oz films and stage shows (including the 1939 MGM Wizard of Oz film), and vintage Oz collectibles. Reproductions of rare images, photos, artwork, and ephemera appear regularly. Issues also contain reviews of new books, films, and stage shows as well as profiles of people, events, and news in the world of Oz. A Bugle subscription is included with annual membership in the Oz Club; select back issues and an index are also available for sale.

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Please contact Sarah Crotzer, the editor-in-chief, with ideas for contributions and questions about advertising inserts.

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Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Crotzer
Review Editor: Atticus Gannaway
News Editor: Jay Davis
Bibliography Editor: Peter E. Hanff
Oz Gazette Editor: Nick Campbell
Editorial Assistant: Christina Maffa

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19 thoughts on “The Baum Bugle

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  6. Is it possible to access past issues of The Baum Bugle online? I’m wanting to read an article in Issue 28(3). Many thanks for any help you can offer.

  7. I’m sorry but we do not have an online archive of back issues. I’m certainly willing to copy an article for you, if that helps. Write to me at I also see it is available for sale for $8 from if that’s an option for you. Jane Albright

  8. Is there a that I can put my own little paragraph in The Baum Bugle or The Oz Gazette with a youth membership?

  9. Will the Baum bugle becoming coming out this year? I just want to know because of Covid I was thinking it might not. That’s all

  10. Yes, it will. Printing was delayed, but we expect issues to get back on schedule soon. Thanks for asking!

  11. Will the Oz gazette also be coming out this year? again just because of Covid I am thinking it might not but I don’t know.

  12. Yes! Editor Nick Campbell continues to produce the Oz Gazette and David Kelleher will continue to provide a project for kids with every Bugle mailing.

  13. Hi I was just wondering when the next Baum Bugle mailing will be. I’m going on a road trip soon so I want to have something fun to read so I was just wondering. That’s all.

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