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The Autumn 2019 issue celebrates our history as a community even as we move forward. This issue is all about L. Frank Baum’s legacy in the 100 years since his death: the creations he left us, the ways we engage with them, and how we move forward for another 100 years. Our spotlight article comes from L. Frank Baum’s great-granddaughter, Dr. Gita Morena, who tells us about how his legacy shaped her childhood and her relationship with her mother, and how she honors it for brand new generations of children. Scott Cummings has provided a fascinating roundup of the contemporary tributes published to Baum on the event his death on May 6, 1919, while Dina Schiff Massachi considers the question of whether Oz is still meant primarily for children. Raymond Wohl takes us through the process of becoming L. Frank Baum in his one-man show, and there are even a couple of special archival treats.

Our beautiful wraparound cover is a special commission from Mark Manley (@mjmanley1971) showing Baum with modern iterations of his most famous characters. It is so colorful and vibrant in person that we left off the traditional cover cutline! 
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