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The Baum Bugle: Sarah Crotzer

Oziana: Marcus Mébés

Special Publications: Joel Harris Joe Bongiorno

Ozmapolitan Express: Blair Frodelius


Webmaster and IWOC Facebook: Blair Frodelius


President: Jane Albright (2020)

Vice-President: Ryan Bunch (2020)

Secretary: Virginia Wickwar (2020)

Membership Secretaries: Susan Johnson and (2020) Bill Beem (2020)

Treasurer: Michael Gessel (2020)

Chair of Budget and Finance Committee: Peter Hanff (2020)


Membership and Publicity: Karen Owens

Auction Coordinator: Bill Thompson

Counsel and Parliamentarian: Gary Shaw


Angelica Carpenter (2021)

Scott Cummings (2022)

John Fricke (2020)

Blair Frodelius (2022)

Ryan Jay (2021)

Dave Kelleher (2020)

Cynthia Ragni (2021)

Anil Tambwekar (2020)

Bill Thompson (2022)

Terms of office end at the conclusion of the annual board meeting of the year indicated.


Cindy Ragni

Bill Thompson

10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have several sets of the 50th Anniversary glasses from Krystal. I am looking to sell them if you could please let me know how to on your website. Thank you

  2. Our website doesn’t currently offer a buying/selling area for members. Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy and similar online selling sites will likely prove most helpful to you.

  3. Hello, I have a rare picture with jerry maren’s autograph I would like to have valued. If anyone can help please get in touch. Thank you.

  4. We don’t have a forum that provides any kind of appraisal activity at this time, Hayden. Are you on Facebook? There are Wizard of Oz communities there who you could ask. And I would encourage you to look at ebay listings for Jerry’s autograph. As our last surviving Munchkin, many fans have had the opportunity to meet him and get his signature in person. I suspect you’ll need a market as large as Ebay or Etsy to find interested buyers. Jane Albright

  5. I have a very unique tin woodsman print that I have yet to see anywhere, I’m trying to figure out it’s worth. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

  6. I am selling my wizard of oz collection. I’m hesitant about craigslist. If you have any information to lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

  7. If you are on Facebook, I would recommend joining the group Wizard of Oz Collectors United.

  8. Hi – I’m writing a book about the making of the Sean Connery science fiction film “Zardoz”. At one point in the movie, Connery’s character is seen finding a copy of Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz” in a library.

    The book he actually picks up APPEARS to be a copy of the 1900 first edition with the cover torn off – the frontispiece of the Denslow Tin Man and Scarecrow is visible. There is a still from the film at this website, a bit less than halfway down the page (obviously I can’t include a photo here):

    I wonder if I could ask you whether that frontispiece is a real one, or whether it appears to be something they faked up for the film? The arrangement of the words is quite different to the 1900 book. Connery puts his thumbs over “the letters WI” and “OF” to create “ZARD OZ”, but that wouldn’t be possible with a first edition frontispiece. Would you know if that frontispiece was ever printed with the lettering arranged as it is in the movie?

    Thank you very much,

    Roger Mitchell.

  9. Roger,

    This is not the original frontispiece, and in fact looks to be a one of a kind prop made for the film.

    Thanks for writing!


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