The President’s Corner

IWOC President Jane Albright shares her thoughts on current Ozzy happenings within the club and beyond.

March 2021
Old Friends, Old Books, New Media

February 2021
150 Bugles and Counting

January 2021
50 Years, 50 Stories: Oziana on Youtube

December 2020
Membership Drive With A Prize!
November 2020
Christmas in the OZ Museum
October 2020
Guest Blog: The Baum Bugle’s Editor Sarah Crotzer
August 2020
Yellow Brick Podcast Talks “To Oz!”
To Oz? To Oz! A Free Online Oz Event
July 2020
Oz for Kids
More Oz Options: Read, Listen, Watch
May 2020
No Place Like Home For an Oz Event
April 2020
Ozzy Options for Those Safely-at-Home
Modern Magic Delivers a Bugle
March 2020
Oz in a Time of Isolation
2020: Suffrage and Oz
February 2020
Volkov: Man Behind the Curtain
January 2020
Putting the Baum in the Bugle
Ballots & Fliers & More, Oh My!

4 thoughts on “The President’s Corner

  1. I, too, am looking for information on Hearn’s talk on May 15, 2021.



  2. Club members received an email last week with a Zoom link. I’ll mail another to everyone who’s registered at later this week. And Saturday once we open the room I’ll post a link at We look forward to having you. Michael and I talked yesterday about all the topics we might cover. I think everyone will enjoy it. Jane

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